Duffs at the Beach & Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Duffs signReview #18

Duffs at the Beach is a new pizza joint in town.  It’s a scaled down version of their Connecticut and South Lake Tahoe locations, which both have full bars, unlike this one.  Duffs at the Beach is your typical Irish themed, Italian cuisine restaurant. Yes, you hear me right.  Irish themed, Italian food. They are serving pizza and salads now, but Sheppard’s pie and chicken pot pies are being offered soon!  Don’t over think this one.

Be prepared to have some craic* with your friends, though the brogue* spoke here in Encinitas won’t be authentic. Your servers will likely sound more like surfer dudes than Irish mates.  The place is set up for fun with a large drink menu if you are up for a gargle*.  Though if you get scuttered*, please take an Uber home. There is plenty of room to sit inside, but I recommend the patio for sure.

Duffs outside

We started with a Farmer’s Mixed Green Salad.  It was large and bang on*.  Plenty to share.  There were a generous amount of candied walnuts that seemed to keep disappearing out of the bowl.  The house made dressing was d-lish as well.  Tracy ordered the Roasted Beet salad which she loved.  Again, it was huge!  Though not organic, the produce is fresh, tasty and locally sourced.

Duffs Green Salad

My youngest ordered a Carnivore pizza.  It had bacon, spicy pepperoni and home made sausage.  We loved how the edges of the pepperoni curled and crisped from the hot pizza oven.  Don’t you just want to pick one off?

Duffs Carnivore

Some friends ordered the Margherita Pizza and were very happy.

Duffs Margharita

But the pizza we ordered, well, there was no comparison.  Go Wild Mushroom or go home!  Not too much cheese, mushrooms in every bite, a little chive, and a hit of truffle oil that sends it over the edge.  Mama Mia, or, by cracky*, it’s to die for!

Duffs Mushroom

Ricardo came to check on us and offered us some hot sauce.  We declined, but then he said, in a low, and deliberate way, ” how about some Habanero Ghost Pepper sauce, hmmm?”  We all stopped chewing for a moment and looked around.  It was deadly quiet until my husband said, “Yah, ok.  BRING IT.”  Ricardo took a long stare at him.  He was sizing him up as if deciding if my husband was man enough to handle this hot sauce.  He finally went back to the kitchen and came back with a very small amount of thick, red, spicy looking sauce.  My brave hubby reached for it, but Ricardo jerked it back, ” NO! He demanded.  Only for putting a drop.  A DROP, you hear me?”  We all nodded in fear.

Duffs hotsauce

Steve put one drop on his slice, took a bite and turned red.  “What’s it like?” we all  asked eagerly.  “Pain” he sputtered. “Liquid pain.”

Bottom Line:

Duffs at the Beach is a terrific pizza stop.  I urge you to come try a slice or a whole pizza, you won’t be disappointed.  And although that special hot sauce is fiery, Steve actually really liked it, so you might want to give it a try. Then when you are done, just head right down the stairs and cool your mouth off with a poke* at Handles.  Pizza, beer and ice cream.  What’s better than that?

*Irish Slang

craic- chat, converse, have fun

Brogue– Irish accent

Gargle-having an alcoholic drink

Scuttered- to be drunk

Bang on -accurate or correct

By cracky– an exclamation to express surprise

Poke– ice cream

—————————————————————————————————————————————-Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Handles Sign

Review # 18.5

Don’t get mad but we have gone out of order.  Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream, is NOT next in line down the 101.  But to be fair and do the establishment  justice, we felt it necessary to have more than one go at this place.  They offer over 50 flavors of homemade ice cream! We made an executive decision to try Handel’s both after Duffs at the Beach, and The Sandwich Spot which is next.  This is not the kind of place we can come to one time, order one scoop and do a proper review.

When driving by, one might think that U2 tickets have just gone on sale, or Shaun White is giving out autographs.  Nope.  It’s just a typical day at Handel’s.

Handles Line

Here is a tip:  Do not, I repeat, do NOT come between 1:00 pm- 9:00 pm and expect to get out of here under an hour!  Instead, here is what you do.  You come at 10:00 am, right when the doors open.  I am totally serious.  You will have no competition and can try all the flavors you want, without any pressure from hungry madmen behind you.  Taste them all, even the dairy-free ones!  Schmooze with the owner, or the friendly young scoopers, and taste away!  No need to buy anything,simply say your “thank-yous” and leave.  Then when you come back for real, you can SKIP THE LINE!!! Yes, this is no joke.  Most people don’t know that you can walk right up to the counter, on the left side under this sign,  and order.  This is a secret, no tasting, order-only line that most people don’t know about.  You might trip over a foot left for you while going to the front, or at the least, get sworn at, but I promise you, it’s completely kosher!

Handles order sign

My hubby ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie, right off the cusp. But come on, do you really need to sample this?  Because maybe putting chocolate ice cream , chunks of brownies then swirling peanut butter through it all might somehow not be as good as it sounds?  And folks, this is one scoop!

Handles Chocolate PB

Taking my own advice, I did previously sample some at 10:00 on a random Wednesday, so knew what I wanted to order.  It was the Graham Central. But I have to admit, that once getting a whole scoop of it, the large chunks of honeycomb candy, weren’t my favorite.  I loved the very grahmmy flavor of the ice cream, but the airiness of that candy wasn’t my thing.   Good thing I am coming back next time to try again!

Handles Graham Central

This review is to be continued…..

The next blog dinner will be at The Sandwich Spot at 90 N. Coast Hwy 101. Meet us there Sunday, September 3rd, at 4:30 to grab sandwiches, walk down for a picnic at Moonlight Beach, and then finish with an ice cream at Handel’s for the second half of the review!

Lofty Coffee Co.

Lofty sign 1Review #17

Encinitas coffee shops are a dime a dozen so I was not super excited to try Lofty Coffee Co..   Plus, although I love coffee, coffee don’t love me, so I usually stick to tea.  And I have LOTS of tea at home.  About seven different varieties of organic green tea which I love.  So to pay money to go to a run of the mill coffee spot wasn’t exciting.  I just wanted to get this week’s blog done and move on to a “real” place.  Little did I know…

Steve was out of town and rather than wait until next week when we could go together, we both decided I should march on forward with this one without him. He doesn’t drink coffee and we both thought he wouldn’t be missing much.

I met a couple of girlfriends at the beach so we could get an hour walk in before our “coffee”. I have to admit, the location is perfect for this.  There was a line out the door when we arrived, Sunday at 10:00 am, and no available tables outside.  But turn over was quick and we scored a table inside, which was not ideal but we were lucky to even get that.

I looked at the menu on the door and was pleasantly surprised to see some real breakfast items offered, not just the pastries shown in the display.

Lofty pasteries

The menu was limited in variety but everything offered sounded great.

Lofty menu

I saw an order of the Organic French Toast go by and thought of a very special french toast connoisseur  in my life that would just LOVE that. It looked downright heavenly.  I owe it to him to come back for that one!  Instead we ordered a couple of S.L.O.E egg dishes and some pastries (so I could feel like I really gave this place a fair try.  Not because I wanted to eat pastries.  And remember from my Pannikin review, pastries that you order for The Table don’t have calories.) We tried the Lemon Poppy seed cookie and a Cinnamon Bun.

Lofty cookieLemon poppy seed cookieLofty cinnamon buncinnamon bun

I was very excited to see an organic oolong tea on the menu, which I happily ordered. Those not familiar with oolong tea should note that oolong tea comes from the same plant as green and black tea.  Green tea leaves are unfermented, black tea leaves are fully fermented and oolong tea leaves are partially fermented. Oolong tea has many health benefits and is quite delicious.  There is a great book of fiction by Lisa See called The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane that will really get you in the mood for some ooling. And that is your oolong tea lesson for the day.

Lofty tea

Lofty Coffee serves their tea on a beautiful wooden platter with an adorable service for one with a glass cup and saucer which somehow makes the tea taste even better.

But let’s not gloss over those pastries I mentioned.  Lofty Coffee has another location across the street where they roast all of their coffee and bake these yummy pastries fresh every day.  The Lemon Poppy Seed cookie was really good.  Especially served with that oolong tea in the glass mug.  Mmmm Mmm!  But that Cinnamon Bun!  Normally, I would never order a cinnamon bun, but my friend Christine knew about this one. Ohhh, did she know.  Looking at it was nothing special.  It didn’t even have that much frosting. It looked downright dull.  But after one bite, you know that this is the best cinnamon bun in town! Really, order one.  Here it is again:

Lofty cinnamon bun

Our egg dishes came and were beautiful and filling.  The home made hummus (called “spread” on the menu) is wonderful on their freshly made, rustic bread.  The heirloom tomatoes were juicy and the spinach leaves were crisp and fresh.  Perfection!

Lofty breakfast 1

Lofty breakfast 2

Bottom Line:  Lofty Coffee is a hidden gem.  It’s definitely not just your average coffee shop.  I heard from a friend that for a foo-foo drink, order the Salted Caramel Latte.  And my friend Rebecca said that out of all of their regular coffees, the “house” was the tastiest.  Don’t just come for drinks, because the food here is really good.  Next time I will come with my son for that french toast and a panini that I saw people enjoying.  This is the perfect local morning hang-out.  Sorry Steve, you missed a good one!

Join us next Sunday, August 27th, at 6:00 for Duffs at the Beach 90 N. Coast Hwy 101. Followed by a trip to Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream.

Cap’n Keno’s

Review #16IMG_2082

When Steve and I first decided to take on this project, our conversation went something like this:

Steve: Are we going to go to EVERY single place on the 101?
Me: Yep, every single one
Steve: What about the bad ones?
Me: Even those
Steve: But not Cap’n Keno’s.  We can’t really go there.
Me: Well slap my ass and call me Judy!  We’re going to Cap’t Keno’s!

Cap’n Keno’s.  If you live in the area, you’ve passed it a million times.  You can barely read the chipped and pealing sign out front.  It’s a dark, closed-in place.  You’re not even really sure it’s ever open.  You certainly have never been there nor do you know anyone else who’s ever been there.  But my God it’s been there a long time, just look at the place!


Cap’n Keno’s originally opened its doors as The Shamrock in 1929, changing it’s name later to El Rancho.  In 1970 new owners changed it to it’s current name of Cap’n Keno’s. This is an old school, ranch-style, roadside eatery.  This place is the real deal, no joke.

I’m pretty sure the real beauty of Cap’n Keno’s starts when the cocktail lounge opens, as the sign says, at 6:00 am.  When we arrived at 6:00 pm, people were staggering out.  In fact, one of these people was a white haired, unshaven, drunk, leather-faced man with an old style pipe barely hanging from his lip.  “Captain Keno…”  I whispered in awe under my breath. I know it was him.

When you walk in, you order at the counter.  Unless you want a special…then you go sit down and wait for someone to take your order.  So, if you want the special but your hubby wants a sandwich, then you have to order and pay separately.  Cash only.  Seriously, I’m not making this up.

The menu is on the wall.  The Saturday night specials are a prime rib dinner for $12 or crab legs for $22.  I wanted the crab which meant I had to find a table and wait for someone to take my order which took a really, really long time.  Everyone else in my group ordered right away at the counter. (Why couldn’t we just order the specials at the counter like everything else?  Weird!)


The first challenge was to find a table big enough for our group because this place was filled with Cap’n Keno’s regulars.  These are old, weathered folk who have been ridden hard and put away wet.  Man I felt…young!  We walked into the adjacent area which I will call The Red Room.  Red vinyl booths, red walls and red lighting.  Lotta red but no empty tables.


Continuing on further, we came to the bar which was long and well used.  The folks in those stools were very comfortable and were not leaving for a loooong time.

Instead, we sat on the other side of the restaurant which had more of a diner feel.  By the time someone finally came to take our order of the specials, the rest of our group got their food.  My son ordered a Keno burger and fries.  He gave it a B.  After two bites he turned it into a B-.  Debbie was less generous with the rating of her burger.


Steve ordered a carved turkey sandwich that came with all-you-can-eat soup.  We reluctantly tried the clam chowder first.  It was a thick, clam paste, that probably came directly from a can.  It was served with marbled raisin bread that was not baked this month.IMG_2087

We tried the vegetable soup next which had an unpleasant, vinegary taste.  All-you-can-eat in this case was one bite of each soup.  That was all-we-could-eat.  Sadly, his turkey sandwich was all dark meat which is not what he likes. Isn’t dark meat supposed to be moister than white meat?  Hmmm.  It came with a huge mound of mashed potatoes that tasted just fine.  It was a very beige plate of food, in all ways.


Tracy ordered 21 shrimp in a basket for $4.99. The shrimp had a very thick breading on them.  Really, there could have been anything shrimp-shaped inside that breading. Maybe not even seafood. The possibilities are endless.  But if you like things fried and crunchy, this is a heck of a deal!


By this time, I was getting really hungry with no sign of crab.  They did bring me a green salad they served from a bucket.  Tracy’s salad had some brown edges.  Debbie never got her salad.  Even after she asked about it.  Twice.


After everyone had finished eating, my crab was served.  It came with a claw cracker, but no small crab fork. Everyone else’s dinner was very cheap but I don’t think $22 for this was such a deal at all.  The claws were very hard to crack.  Maybe “crack” isn’t the right word because they really bent more than cracked. They were terribly over boiled. But I waited a really long time for these legs, and damn it, I was going to eat them!  After a bunch of futile attempts to extract anything more that crumbs (that’s right, the crab was a bit crumbly), I asked the waiter to please bring me a crab fork.  The waiter brought another fork exactly the same size as the dinner fork.  Who serves crab without small a crab fork?!  Cap’n Keno’s!


At one point I was holding a leg with both feet, pulling with both hands, and gnawing through the shell with my molars like some crazed animal trying to win the crab meat battle.  Shell was flying everywhere.  I was crying in frustration while my group, completely done with their own dinners, watched and laughed hysterically at their ninja-crab-crazed friend.  This wasn’t a meal, this was a workout!  I was sweating profusely while scrounging for tidbits of success.  I think my next Crossfit workout should be something like this:

10 burpees
20 kettlebell swings
1 Cap’n Keno’s crab leg
5 rounds for time- GO!

Bottom Line: The patrons of Cap’n Keno’s are the same since they opened in 1929. The menu hasn’t changed since 1929.  They haven’t vacuumed their carpets since 1929.  Sure Cap’n Keno’s is a crusty old dump.  But somewhere between the $2.99 spaghetti dinner and the $4.45 chicken fried steak, you will find the quaint charm of this place.  Listen closely and you will hear whispers of ghosts past spilling their secrets from the stinky Cap’n Keno’s bar.

Cap’n Keno’s, Encinitas wouldn’t be the same without you.  Don’t repaint your sign.  Don’t change a thing!

*** I want to give HUGE props to Cap’n Keno’s for donating free meals to those in need at Christmas time.  They are a true pillar to the community!



Review #15

Hapifish sign

Having to eat Crap Tacos on our last dinner out, and sad, counter-warm sushi the week before, we were due to hit a winner this week.  We were OWED good food.  Thank goodness Hapifish didn’t disappoint!

We were a party of six last night, showing up early to take advantage of the Hapi Hour offered every Mon-Sun from 3-6 pm, and all day Wednesday.  We brought our Middle-Eastern student we are hosting from Hands of Peace (great organization I am happy to plug here). He said he loves sushi back home, and was excited to join us.

The restaurant is surprisingly large with a cool, beach vibe.  There were plenty of hip surfy Millennials, as well as small children and pet dogs. We were seated by our Hapi server and ordered Garlic Edamame to start.  They went so fast, I couldn’t even get a picture!  Although they were good, I am a purist when it comes to edamame and prefer it plain.   Same with popcorn.  Why muss it up with so many toppings?  It’s good just the way it is!  Stop sprinkling artificial flavors and sugary junk all over popcorn that tastes perfect the way nature intended!  But I digress.

We took advantage of the Hapi Hour menu and ordered a mix of rolls from it as well as the regular menu.  The food was stunning! The Beach Bum was filled with crab, tuna and cream cheese.  It was gobbled up so fast, we had to order another.

Hapifish 8

Julie ordered a Tofu Salad which looked nice but had no sushi.  WHAT’S THE POINT?

Hapifish 9

My hubby ordered a Poki Taco appetizer.  Yes, it really is THAT good!

Hapifish 7

The rest of the rolls were a blur of pure Hapiness.  I don’t know which was what.  Grabbing hands were happening so fast, I barely got photo time.

Hapifish 5

Hapifish 2

The blue fin sashimi was over the top.  It literally melted into your Hapi mouth while you went to your Hapi place.  It was divine.

Hapifish 10

Our Middle Eastern guest just kept saying, “Thank you.  Thank you.” Apparently the sushi where he is from is nothing like this.  Oh, he was indeed Hapi!

Bottom Line: Hapifish is definitely California-Beach type sushi.  I’m just assuming the sushi in Japan isn’t offered with Cajun spices, sweet potato fries and tomatillo sauce.  But it works!  If you don’t want to spend a fortune, stick to the Hapi hour menu, and for Pete’s sake, don’t bring your hungry, athletic 16 year old son!  Sure, our dirty plates could have been cleared quicker, and our waters refilled better, but the Hapi servers are so sweet, who can get mad?

Hapifish girls

Next Sunday, August 13th, the blog hits the one, the only, Captain Kenos!  Oh, you don’t want to miss this one!  Stay tuned on Facebook for the exact time!




Juanitas Taco Shop

Review #14Juanitas8

Wouldn’t you expect Juanitas Taco shop (not Juanita‘s Taco Shop) to be filled with Juanitas?  Nope, nada one!  And speaking of expectations, let’s talk about mine.  First impression of this joint is that it looks like a small, Mexican jail that one would find in Tijuana, rather than on the prosperous HWY 101 in Encinitas.




I expected Juanitas Taco Shop to be exactly what it was: a “crap taco shop”.  Which isn’t necessarily bad mind you!  Crap Taco Shops, CTS, are part of the wonderful culinary make-up of our San Diego city!  You just need to be in the mood for one.  Or you need to be under 22 years old, in which case, you are always in the mood! Being a self-proclaimed food snob, I am rarely in the mood for a CTS, so please keep this in mind when reading this!

There was a huge line out the door with serious Jaunitas fans waiting for grub. The strong smell of tortillas frying in oil almost knocked us off our feet.  With a line like this, they seem to be just a California Burrito sale away from being able to afford getting the rust scraped off the bars.  Or maybe that’s the charm of this place.

Once you order, you can scoop out some spicy marinated vegetables from a bucket.

It was hot and stuffy inside, so we waited for a table outside and prayed we wouldn’t get hit by the teenagers parking their cars along the curb that butt right up against the outdoor tables.

My picky son ordered a plate of rice.  It looked like… rice.


Our friend, Jennifer, ordered a California Burrito.  It looked and tasted like every other burrito ever sold at a CTS.


Hubby and I ordered chicken tacos, thinking they were on soft corn tortillas.  Nope.  They were in taco shells fried to a greasy finish, just like we smelled when we arrived.  See the center laden with oil? The innards were decent, though, with plenty of white meat chicken.


Bottom Line:  This place is a Crap Taco Shop exactly the same as every Crap Taco Shop out there.  Roberto’s, Filaberto’s, Riberto’s, Alberto’s, Humberto’s, they are synonymous. Now, I know that some people swear that one place is their favorite and is better than all of the others, but you are wrong!  They are all exactly the same!

Juanitas offers a great beach goer/surfer’s meal, or is the perfect place for your after drinking munchies. The food here is cheap and  Juanitas has an “A” rating, I checked.  If you are a teen, you will find your people hanging out here.  If you are a mid-late 40’s food snob looking for high quality dining on the coast, this ain’t the place for you!  The pictures of what this place looks like from the outside are EXACTLY what you would expect to find in the food inside!


Ajito TOGO Sushi & Japanese Bento

Review #13

Ajito 6

Ajito TOGO Sushi & Japanese Bento is a teeny tiny, itsy witsy little restaurant tucked away in the parking lot shared with Fully Loaded Juice.  I have never noticed it in all of the 16 years I have lived in Encinitas.  They are only open M-F from 10:30-3:00.  Closed all weekends?  How can a restaurant on the 101 survive closed on weekends?  They must kill it during the week.  They must be THAT good.

I LOVE sushi.  Let me rephrase that.  Death row.  Last meal.  Last bite of anything this worldly place has to offer.  For me, it’s going to be sushi.  When I was dating my now hubby, and he told me he didn’t eat sushi, it was almost a deal breaker.  Not into horses, I could handle.  An atheist you say?  Hmmm, ok.  BUT YOU DON’T LIKE SUSHI?  WHAT KIND OF FREAK ARE YOU??  I had to take him to my then favorite place, PB Sushi, to show him the error of his ways.  Luckily, he learned.

Ajito has a small area to sit out front, inside or on their back patio which is very cute.

Ajito 7Ajito 4

We came hungry, but the woman working there, let me add, the only person working there, was quite busy with a previous order and couldn’t give us the time of day.  We waited and waited, but could not get her attention.

Ajito 3

We looked around at our scarce options. There were a few TOGO items in the cooler, but not much.

Ajito 8

Then we saw some cooked items on the counter.  It’s summer.  It’s hot.  How long were these items on the counter going to sit there, unrefrigerated?  Sure, I’ve seen this in third world countries where everything is just out on a counter.  But we are in modern day Encinitas! We have refrigeration at our fingertips, and it’s a beautiful thing!  When it comes to food sanitation, I am a bit nutzo, I admit.  But how can they keep pork dumplings, chicken and fish, even cooked, on a hot counter?  It’s icky!

Ajito 2

When the woman working there finally looked our way I asked if she could make us some sushi since it was slim pickins’ in the cooler.  “Rainbow Roll” she replied.  “Anything else?” we stupidly asked.  “Just rainbow roll.”.  Ok, we will take one rainbow roll and a pre-packaged tuna roll from the cooler while we wait.  Did I mention how hungry we were?  We took our TOGO tuna roll to a nice table outside.

Anjito 9

It was very wimpy.  It was mostly just a loosely rolled ball of rice with a tiny bit of tasteless tuna in the middle.  Nothing special, not even very good.  There’s a reason why I don’t order pre-packaged sushi.  It’s this.  We waited and waited and finally got our rainbow roll.

Ajito 5

Not only did this roll look better, it tasted very good.  It’s certainly not going to win any aesthetic awards.  Look how unevenly it is cut and how the size of the pieces differ. When you are sharing one roll, you want each piece to be the same size so there is no conflict.  We actually got into a chopstick war over the piece on the left.  I lost.  I got the sad sushi.

Ajito 1

Bottom line: Ajito Sushi & Japanese Bento is an inexpensive take-out joint.  The bento boxes looked good, but I hesitate to take anything off a hot counter on a hot day.  The pre-packaged roll we ordered was not worthy, but the one freshly made was good.  If cheap sushi is the only way you can eat sushi, then this is better than the grocery store option.  But I’m a sushi snob and would rather hold out for the good stuff.  We left Ajito disappointed and hungry.  Good thing Hapifish is coming down the road soon to redeem this sushi experience!


Fully Loaded Micro Juicery

IMG_2037Review #12

Juices aren’t my thing, so when I saw that a juicery was the next stop in line down the 101, I was less than thrilled.  I love FOOD.  In my opinion, drinking juice is a waste of calories that I would rather chew.  But going to a juicery won’t be our last sketchy stop on the 101, because we still have Captain Keno’s coming up!

Fully Loaded is tiny, with only four chairs out front, so most of our group had to stand.  There is a menu of uber healthy juices on the board and they are all sold in glass jars in the refrigerator.  The ingredients are organic and the juices are cold pressed to retain as many nutrients as possible.  I suppose this can warrant the $12 price per jar, but my hubby didn’t think so!  I was told to order either the Yam Bam or Maca Maca by my Facebook friends, but I strayed from recommendations.  After sampling a variety of them, I settled on, in my opinion, the healthiest one.  If I’m doing this juice thing, then I’m all in and want maximum healthiness!  And if that means forgoing taste, by golly, I am worth it!  “RAWBRAH” straight up please!


I took a sip and wondered which neighbor provided the lawn clippings I was drinking.  I took another sip and laughed that they thought by adding a bunch of cayenne to this green muck, it might hide the taste.  “Wow, the flavor is nice and spicy!  That’s all I taste.  Yup, just spicy.  Not one bit of the raw plants, flora and shrubbery here.”  The rest of my group were total wusses and ordered sweet, fruity juices.  My son ordered the “Avatar”.


His best description was it tasted just like lemonade with BLUE ALGAE in it.  Who wants blue algae in their lemonade?  Not him.  After two sips, he was done.  I wasn’t going to let his $12 juice go to waste so I mixed a bit of his algae with my bushes, and guess what?  It was palatable!  I made my hubby take a sip now that I doctored it up. He took one sip, handed it back to me, and met me at the car!  Leslie ordered “Summer Fling” and my father in law ordered “Ginger Snap”.  Both were fruity and very sweet, nothing that will grow hair on your chest like mine though.

Bottom Line: If you are into juicing, then Fully Loaded Micro Juicery is a high quality way to go.  They sell subscriptions for people doing long term cleanses, and even offer delivery.  You can find them at the store front or every Sunday at the Leucadia Farmer’s Market across the street.  If you want to order a juice that tastes great but won’t break your bank, you know where a Jamba Juice is.   If you want to drink something that will  leave you feeling refreshed and healthy, I suggest ordering one of their greener juices like the “Rawbraw”, and mixing it with an Avatar so you can get it down.  With three pounds of vegetables in each juice, I am pretty sure I don’t need to eat another vegetable of any sort until August!